Orlando Bloom transforms in "Red Right Hand," leaving behind iconic roles for a brooding performance as Cash. 

Bloom stars alongside Andie MacDowell, setting the stage for an intriguing dynamic between Cash and the ruthless Big Cat. 

Mark your calendar for February 23rd, 2024, as "Red Right Hand" promises a gripping action-thriller experience. 

Odim County's Appalachian mountains provide an atmospheric backdrop for Cash's intense struggle. 

Explore the complex characters as Cash faces off against the formidable Big Cat, adding depth to the narrative. 

The trailer teases adrenaline-pumping action, showcasing Cash's skills in brutal fistfights and high-speed chases. 

"Red Right Hand" introduces moral complexity, challenging traditional heroism as Cash's descent into violence unfolds. 

Directed by the Nelms brothers, known for versatility, the film promises a dark and intense narrative with humor and poignancy.