Fight Club Scene: Three weeks of filming in an abandoned underground station with intense stunts. 

Global Filming: Shot in Prague to save money, mimicking London's look. 

Casting Challenges: Matthew McConaughey returned, but finding actors for key roles was tough. Charlie Hunnam got the lead, and Anya Taylor-Joy replaced Margot Robbie.

Sequel Shift: Guy Ritchie planned a new film inspired by his old gangster movies, not a direct sequel to "The Gentlemen." 

Modern Soundtrack: Electronic music and hip-hop replaced Ritchie's usual rock and Britpop. 

Improv Embrace: On-set improvisation led to memorable one-liners and humorous scenes. 

Tech Glitch: Digital camera issues forced a switch to traditional film, adding a unique texture. 

Secret Cameos: Keep an eye out for Jason Statham's quick appearance at a pub. 

Easter Eggs: Movie is full of references to Ritchie's past works, from visuals to character names. 

Delayed Premiere: Originally set for December 2023, Netflix delayed to January 2024 due to editing and CGI challenges.