Live Updates: Apple News now offers Live Activities for real-time news, seen during the Iowa Caucus on January 15. 

Dynamic Island: Live Activities appear on the Dynamic Island, providing live info on the Lock Screen. 

Locked Updates: iPhone users can view live event tallies on the Lock Screen. 

Easy Access: Long press on the Dynamic Island to access Live Activity while using the phone. 

Enable Live Activity by tapping "follow" in the "Today" view for a story. 

Find dedicated coverage in the Following tab for personalized Election 2024 news. 

Choose sources, topics, and channels for tailored Election 2024 updates. 

Stay on top of relevant topics and candidates with the "For You" segment. 

Apple News+ subscribers get audio versions of articles and the daily "Apple News Today" podcast. 

Apple News aims to be your one-stop for political news, appealing to everyone with Live Activity features.