Jackman Movies 2024 Must-Watch Now & Upcoming

Jackman Movies 2024: Must-Watch Now & Upcoming

In 2024, Hugh Jackman, the dynamic Australian actor celebrated for his captivating performances on stage and screen, is gearing up to treat audiences to a cinematic smorgasbord unlike anything seen before. Stepping away from his superhero persona, Jackman is set to showcase his acting prowess across genres, promising a thrilling experience for every palate. Don’t miss the chance to witness the real hero’s return after a considerable hiatus, both on the big screen and various streaming platforms from 2024 to 2025.

From underrated gems to critically acclaimed masterpieces, Hugh Jackman’s upcoming movie list is nothing short of spectacular. Whether you’re a fan of heart-pounding action, thought-provoking drama, or toe-tapping musicals, Jackman’s diverse roles have something for everyone. Catch these cinematic gems on popular streaming services like HBO, Apple TV, Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, and more.

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Prepare to be enthralled as Jackman takes on roles that transcend the boundaries of his superhero legacy. This curated list includes some of his highest-rated and most underrated movies, ensuring you won’t miss out on the cinematic brilliance that Hugh Jackman has to offer. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the reel worlds crafted by one of Hollywood’s most versatile and beloved actors. Here is the upcoming list of Hugh Jackman’s movies in 2024…


1. Deadpool 3 

Prepare for a cinematic showdown as Hugh Jackman reprises his iconic Wolverine role in the highly anticipated “Deadpool 3,” hitting theaters this November. Joining forces with Ryan Reynolds’s irreverent anti-hero, under the direction of Shawn Levy, this promises to be a claws-and-katana extravaganza. Fans are already buzzing with excitement over the trailers teasing the unlikely partnership between these two mutants.

The anticipated release date for Deadpool 3 in the United States is July 26, 2024. This date has seen adjustments, initially planned for September 6, then November 8, and later moved to May 3 before settling on the current July release. It’s worth noting that Deadpool 3 is included in Phase Five of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

2. Beyond the X-Menverse

Jackman’s talents extend far beyond the superhero realm. In a biopic currently in pre-production, he is set to portray the Apostle Paul, offering a nuanced performance that delves into the radical transformation of a persecutor into one of Christianity’s most influential figures. Directed by Doug Liman, this project promises to explore themes of faith, redemption, and transformation.

3. The Good Spy

Whispers abound about “The Good Spy,” a potential thriller where Jackman may embody the charm of a seasoned intelligence officer. While still in development, the prospect of Jackman navigating the shadowy world of espionage under the direction of filmmakers like Matthew Vaughn or David Leitch has fans intrigued. Imagine James Bond with a touch of Wolverine’s grit, and you have a captivating premise.

 4. The Music Man

Returning to his theatrical roots, Jackman is set to lead “The Music Man” on Broadway in 2024. Directed by Jerry Zaks, this classic musical promises a joyous extravaganza, showcasing Jackman’s charisma and vocal prowess. It reaffirms his dedication to live performance and highlights his versatility as an artist.

Impact and Legacy

Jackman’s return to the forefront of film signifies a pivotal moment in the industry. Having previously captivated audiences as Wolverine, his diverse slate of upcoming projects showcases his range and ambition. A global action star, critical darling, and fan favorite, Jackman’s upcoming films are poised to solidify his legacy as a true cinematic chameleon.

Beyond the Confirmed Slate: While the confirmed projects promise excitement, discussions and rumors swirl around additional possibilities:

  • Van Helsing 2: A potential sequel to the 2004 action-horror film where Jackman hunted monsters.
  • Flushed Away 2: A follow-up to the 2006 animated comedy where Jackman voiced the lead character, Roddy St. James.
  • Real Steel 2: A sequel to the 2011 sci-fi boxing film where Jackman portrayed Charlie Kenton.

These are just the known possibilities, and with Jackman’s penchant for surprises, there might be more announcements in the pipeline. Stay tuned for further updates on this cinematic journey!

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Here is the list of Hugh Jackman’s movies in 2024 categorized into action, romance, sci-fi, latest releases, critically acclaimed, award-winning, and currently available on OTT platforms.

Hugh Jackman Movie list to watch now in 2024


Action Adventure Movies 

  • X-Men Franchise (2000-2017): From the debut of Wolverine in “X-Men” to the powerful conclusion in “Logan,” Jackman’s portrayal remains iconic in this superhero saga. (Streaming on Disney+)
  • The Prestige (2006): Jackman and Christian Bale engage in a visually striking magic rivalry with mind-bending twists. (Streaming on Hulu, Peacock)
  • Van Helsing (2004): Join Jackman on a monster-hunting adventure as the legendary vampire slayer. (Streaming on HBO Max)
  • Real Steel (2011): Experience a heartwarming tale of redemption as a washed-up fighter and his robot boxing prodigy take the stage. (Streaming on Netflix)

Romance Movies 

  • Kate & Leopold (2001): Jackman charms in this time-traveling romantic comedy as a Victorian Duke adjusting to modern life. (Streaming on HBO Max)
  • Australia (2008): Directed by Baz Luhrmann, this epic romance unfolds against the backdrop of sweeping historical drama in the Australian Outback. (Streaming on Hulu)

Sci-Fi Movies 

  • The Fountain (2006): Join Jackman on a futuristic and fantastical journey through time and space in a quest for immortality. (Streaming on Amazon Prime Video)
  • Chappie (2015): Jackman navigates the ethical complexities of artificial intelligence as a hardened soldier in this South African sci-fi action film. (Streaming on Netflix)

Latest Movies Movies 

  • Reminiscence (2021): Jackman stars as a private investigator offering forgotten memories in this neo-noir sci-fi thriller. (Available on various Video on Demand platforms)

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Best Movies (Critically Acclaimed) Movies 

  • Les Misérables (2012): Jackman’s powerful singing and dramatic performance in this musical adaptation earned him an Oscar nomination. (Streaming on Hulu)
  • Prisoners (2013): Witness Jackman’s gripping portrayal as a desperate father searching for his missing daughter in this intense thriller. (Streaming on HBO Max)
  • The Front Runner (2018): Jackman takes on the role of Gary Hart in this political drama, exploring a presidential candidate’s campaign derailed by scandal. (Available on various Video on Demand platforms)

Award-Winning Movies

  • Logan (2017): Jackman’s gritty and emotional portrayal of an aging Wolverine earned him a Golden Globe nomination.
  • Bad Education (2019): This HBO drama, delving into a real-life school embezzlement scandal, earned Jackman an Emmy nomination.

Movies on OTT to Watch Right Now:

  • X2 (2003): Witness Jackman’s Wolverine in top form as the mutant superhero team faces new challenges. (Streaming on Disney+)
  • Happy Feet (2006): Jackman lends his voice to a dancing penguin in this animated family film featuring stunning CGI and a fun soundtrack. (Streaming on Netflix)
  • Scoop (2006): Join Jackman and Scarlett Johansson in Woody Allen’s comedic mystery as a charming stage magician drawn into an investigation. (Streaming on HBO Max)


This is just a glimpse of Hugh Jackman’s diverse filmography! With something for every mood and genre, I encourage you to explore further and discover your own favorite Jackman performance.

Q: What movies has Hugh Jackman been in?

Hugh Jackman’s filmography spans over 30 titles, showcasing his versatility. From action-packed superhero battles in the “X-Men” series to heartfelt dramas like “Les Misérables” and witty rom-coms like “Kate & Leopold,” he’s explored a wide range of genres. Hugh has also ventured into sci-fi with “The Fountain” and tackled thrillers in “Prisoners.” Whether your preference is action, drama, or comedy, there’s a Hugh Jackman movie for every taste!


Q:Who is Hugh Jackman’s son?

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness proudly parent two adopted children, Oscar and Ava. While the family holds their privacy dear, Hugh openly expresses his deep love and commitment to fatherhood.


Q:Why is Hugh Jackman famous?

Hugh Jackman achieved international fame through his breakthrough as Wolverine in the “X-Men” franchise. His captivating portrayal of the clawed mutant not only transformed him into a global action hero but also solidified his position as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces.


Q:How old was Hugh Jackman when he first played Wolverine?

Surprisingly, Hugh was merely 28 when he first embodied Wolverine in “X-Men” (2000). His remarkable journey as the iconic character extended for an impressive 17 years and 9 films, leaving an enduring mark on superhero cinematic history.


Q:What TV shows has Hugh Jackman been in?

While predominantly known for his film work, Hugh has made notable appearances on the small screen. Starring in acclaimed miniseries like “Bad Education” and contributing his voice to animated favorites like “Happy Feet,” he showcases his versatility across different platforms.


Q:What musicals has Hugh Jackman appeared in?

Hugh Jackman’s talents extend beyond acting, as he’s showcased his singing and dancing skills in musicals such as “The Music Man” and “Australia.” This demonstrates his artistic range, adding a touch of musical magic to his repertoire.


Q:What is Hugh Jackman’s net worth?

Hugh Jackman boasts a net worth estimated at $250 million. His successful career, diverse projects, and strategic investments contribute to his impressive financial standing, making him not just a box office draw but also a savvy businessman.


Q:How old is Hugh Jackman?

As of today (January 3, 2024), Hugh is 54 years old. Despite his age, he continues to captivate audiences with his charisma, energy, and unwavering dedication to his craft. Age is just a number for this timeless talent!

Q:What was Hugh Jackman’s first movie?

Hugh’s acting journey commenced on Australian television, with his feature film debut in the 1994 drama “Correlli’s Mandolin.” Before venturing into Hollywood, he honed his skills on the small screen.


Q:How many followers does Hugh Jackman have on social media?

Active on Instagram and Twitter, Hugh engages with fans, boasting over 21 million followers on Instagram and nearly 12 million on Twitter. Regularly sharing glimpses into his life, work, and family, he maintains a down-to-earth personality that resonates with fans globally. He is undeniably a social media favorite!

In 2024, Hugh Jackman, the dynamic Australian actor celebrated for his captivating performances on stage and screen, is gearing up to treat audiences to a cinematic smorgasbord unlike anything seen before. Stepping away from his superhero persona, Jackman is set to showcase his acting prowess across genres, promising a thrilling experience for every palate. Don’t…

In 2024, Hugh Jackman, the dynamic Australian actor celebrated for his captivating performances on stage and screen, is gearing up to treat audiences to a cinematic smorgasbord unlike anything seen before. Stepping away from his superhero persona, Jackman is set to showcase his acting prowess across genres, promising a thrilling experience for every palate. Don’t…

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